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The Endless Laptop Program

— making PCs more affordable for families —

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Over 100 learning & discovery
applications / resources

A path for families to purchase an affordable and powerful laptop – on their own terms.

The PC is a necessary tool for digital inclusion, offering access to education, skills and work

for every family. However, many lower income families in the United States are shut out of the digital economy, with limited or no access to the funds or credit needed for the traditional retail purchase of a new home computer.


We are on a mission to democratize access to technology for all. To further this effort Endless
is developing a program to close the PC affordability gap, and support under-served communities in the USA with a high-quality ASUS lease-to-own laptop.

The Endless laptop comes pre-loaded with over 100 learning and discovery applications and resources including PBS Kids, TED-Ed, Khan Academy, Kolibri, Wiki Encyclopedia, office suite, CK-12, Gimp, Blender and more.

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The inability to finance a computer through traditional channels is one of the biggest

barriers to digital access, coupled with the lack
of access to internet content and affordable

productivity tools. In the beta version of this program started in 2020, Endless will finance

approximately 1,000 laptops to families in the USA with a simple low monthly payment plan

that families can more easily manage according to their needs.


Importantly, the low monthly payment amount does not change and there are no late

fees if a family can’t pay over some months. Stopping payments simply pauses the laptop which remains with a family, and restarting monthly payments opens PC access again.

Families can also return the laptop at any time during their payment period to receive their

deposit back if needed.


The goal is for families to completely own their laptop in approximately a year's time, once their payments are concluded.


Solving a financing and affordability challenge.

Endless helps people take control of their technology.

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Paying it forward.

Why is a nonprofit financing computers? As we roll out this new program, a major goal is to scale to all that are in need. Philanthropy will take us only so far, but a healthy program with the funds received from new laptop users supporting the supply of additional PCs will scale much further, allowing us to reach more users.




Shedding light on additional hidden costs that come with a PC purchase.

As a nonprofit organization focused on social welfare, our mission is to ensure that families are empowered with knowledge and opportunity. To reflect this, the Endless laptop comes complete with all the tools “ready-to-use”, with no further costly software purchases required (as is often the case with a traditional retail PC purchase). In addition, training and support are provided to guide families as they get to know their new computer.

Pathways for our program.

Endless is currently working with nonprofit partners to deploy laptops to their communities in the US. In addition, we are staging our own direct online channel as an additional pathway that can reach anywhere in the USA, helping us to create a focus group for learning around user needs and how to optimize and scale this nonprofit program.

The Endless Laptop with Endless OS includes 100+ learning and productivity resources.

  • All apps are free and pre-installed

  • Apps include Khan Academy, PBS Kids, TED-Ed,
     an encyclopedia, office suite, creator apps & more

  • Great for new computer users: a simple app-based interface like a smartphone

  • The laptop is accessible offline and online

  • When connected, 100's of additional free apps are available for download online


Families receive powerful new technology:

  • New Asus laptop

  • Intel processor

  • 14” HD display

  • WiFi enabled

  • Virus resistant

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Who We Are

Endless OS was born in 2012, with a mission to help people around the world gain access to knowledge and opportunity through technology.

After working with partners all over the world, we realized the barriers are too big to overcome by ourselves. We created the Endless OS Foundation in April 2020 so that we could dedicate all of our resources and work across for-profit and non-profit partners to bring our solutions to as many people as possible.


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