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Helping offline kids access great educational and learning resources without an internet connection.

The Endless OS Foundation has partnered with Common Sense and Learning Equality to launch the Endless Key initiative for the 2020 / 2021 / 2022 school years and beyond. Read the press release to learn more about our collaborative project launch.
The Endless Key is a 128 gigabyte USB drive that is designed to provide a robust, engaging and safe digital learning environment, with high-quality learning and discovery resources that can be accessed offline (without internet) by students using Windows computers.

The Key program is designed as a complement to the USA's broadband-for-all rollout, and offline students' distance learning challenges.

Read about the Key's latest news and updates.

Help in-need families receive an Endless Key by donating through our partner Learning Equality, a registered 501c3 nonprofit.

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How a USB drive can help offline kids.

The Endless Key is pre-loaded with learning resources that are typically only available online, inaccessible to students with no connectivity or unstable internet access.

With some engineering know-how and curation of the most adaptable online educational and discovery materials, information is brought into the Endless Key's offline USB environment.

Once received, a student only needs to plug the Endless Key in the USB port of their offline PC.

Our belief is that the internet's information is not only available via online access, and can be brought to an offline learning environment.

Title 1 Donations:

Apply for a donation of Endless Keys.

If you are an educator or administrator in a Title 1 school or nonprofit that serves students and schools in the USA, we welcome  your
application for a donation of Endless Keys.

Endless helps people take control of their technology.

Working on Math Problems

Click below to see some Key content.

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Great content to engage
offline students.


The Endless Key features leading learning materials such as Blockly, Khan Academy, PhET, and Sikana through Learning Equality’s Kolibri platform — all without internet.


The Key also contains the Kiwix reader which provides a searchable offline Wikipedia. 

Along with these resources, some exciting new partners like TED-Ed and PBS Kids are contributing content to the offline Endless Key project in 2022. Many of the internet's individual content creators are also sharing content.


Designed as a supplemental learning and curiosity-driven resource for students, content

on the Key can also be explored by subject in self-guided learning, and with teacher or adult guidance.


The Key is a solution specially created for students and families as an offline resource,

but can also be used with internet-enabled computers.

The Endless Key is compatible with Windows computers only, and currently does not run on Mac, Chromebook, or Android.

Learn more about using the Endless Key here.

The Endless Impact

Our non-profit exists to make a positive impact in the world.


Millions of students and families struggle with online learning access in 2022.


Easing access to robust digital learning resources is critical.


Many teachers also struggle with access – while managing their students' access issues.

12–15 million students in
the USA lack the access
they need to learn.

The Endless Key is one way we are 
attacking the digital divide for 
students, teachers, and families.


In these unprecedented times dominated by COVID-19, millions of K–12 students and families are struggling to adapt to remote learning and improve their access to education when secure, stable internet access is not a given.

The Endless Key is a solution specially created for these students and families as an offline resource, while they await a broadband-for-all solution that could take up to a decade to arrive.

Contact us to learn more.

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The Endless Key is now alternatively available as a freely downloadable file that you can flash onto your own 128GB+ USB storage device.


1) Download the Endless Key zip file (75GB). 

2) The SHA256 checksum can be used to verify the download (optional).


3) After downloading, see our USB disk creation documentation.


We welcome your feedback and support requests on our Community Forums

Create your own Endless Key.

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Who We Are

Endless OS was born in 2012, with a mission to help people around the world gain access to knowledge and opportunity through technology.

After working with partners all over the world, we realized the barriers are too big to overcome by ourselves.  We created the Endless OS Foundation in April 2020 so that we could dedicate all of our resources and work across for-profit and non-profit partners to bring our solutions to as many people as possible.


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