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End of Year Gatherings (December 2022)

All smiles and hugs! The Endless team gathered together across the globe for our end of year celebrations in Rio de Janeiro, London, Taipei, Colorado and Washington, D.C. Lots of food, drinks, and activities!


What's new with Endless OS, Endless Key, Ubuntu Summit 2022 and much more... (November 2022)

Earlier this month, Georges and Cassidy attended the first-ever Ubuntu Summit in Prague, Czechia along with hundreds of other members of the open source community. Cassidy presented an insightful talk around creating delightful app listing. Georges and several other GNOME contributors presented an insightful talk on the State of GNOME.

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What’s new with Endless OS 5, CA STEAM, our bold idea, and more… (October)

Of our three product offerings, the Endless Key is like a “one-stop shop” for curiosity-driven learning resources! We curated engaging content for self-guided learners of all ages and backgrounds, including resources that support academic growth and social and emotional development.

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Endless Updates (August)

Endless OS 5 is coming!

There's plenty of excitement around our on-going OS 5 work as we get ready for the release date. Learn why.

Seeking US-based tech-focused educators & IT administrators

Read about our need for US-based educators & IT administrators to participate in feedback sessions about our new Endless Key App for offline US students.

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Celebrating 10 years at Endless (July 2022)

In 2012 Endless was founded on the principle that technology and access to a personal computer can transform people’s lives. This is still our core belief. If you have been a friend and collaborator with us anywhere along our journey, thank you! 

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Endless Updates (January 2022)

Hello from the Endless OS Foundation, and thanks for signing up to our newsletter! Here's what's happening at Endless.

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