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Empowerment Through Learning & Agency

Endless OS Foundation is supporting the next generation of learners, bringing future-ready skills to the table.

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What We Do

We Create Equity in Learning

Our mission is to empower learners globally by enhancing accessibility to education. We achieve this through a holistic approach that includes providing learners with essential tools: a device, user-friendly operating system, and a rich array of educational resources. 

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Device Access

Partner with us, and help bring an affordable laptop program for learning and beyond into your customers hands with Endless Laptop.


Games & Learning

A powerful pedagogy that integrates games and learning through a creative process. 

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Offline Internet

Download Endless OS, a completely free, user-friendly operating system packed with educational tools, games for learning, and more.


Games & Learning

Recommended for Potential Partners

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Engaging Game-Making Programs

Accessible and Equitable

Create Positive Impact and Change

Leverage Learners love of games to teach them visual art, music, storytelling, and coding.

Partners & learners can access game-making programs that teach future-ready skill development.

Create an impact on the lives of many learners. Open up new learning opportunities and pathways.

Endless Laptop Program

Recommended for potential Partner Organizations




User Friendly

For the User

Community Growth

Social Responsibility

Customer Service

Grow your business while empowering the community with 21st-century digital skills.

Promote social impact by offering affordable computers and software to your customers.

Offer customer support like never before. Our journey with device buyers spans from 12 months to 3 years.

Endless Key

Recommended for Learners, Parents, and Schools

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Cost Free

Curated Resources

Self-Guided Learning

Endless Key, a completely free and safe app for ChromeOS, Windows, and Linux.

Our content is provided and curated by world leaders in education such as Ted-Ed, Khan Academy, SciGirls, and much more.

Learners can explore dozens of educational resources that provide extended learning, academic enrichment, and interest-based options like coding, arts & crafts, cooking, and career exploration.

Endless OS

Recommended for Learners, Parents, and Schools

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Cost Free

Accessible & User Friendly

Pre-loaded with work tools

Providing our operating system for free makes technology more affordable for everyone, particularly those in economically disadvantaged regions.

Anyone can use Endless OS. It’s simple and easy to use like a mobile phone while enabling real, powerful computing.

Endless OS comes pre-loaded with Open-Source resources, tools, and apps, so users can start exploring straight away.

Have any questions?

We provide support to all users. Leave your questions with us.

Thanks for reaching out, you will hear from us shortly.

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