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The Whole World, Empowered.

People + Technology for Good

Our Mission

We believe that access to personal computing is critical for productivity, learning and job skills.
We have dedicated the last 10 years to designing and delivering an operating system and tools that give people access to, and control over their technology.

With our tools for productivity, creativity, and learning through play and discovery, we help people of all backgrounds engage in the digital economy on more meaningful terms.

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3.7 billion
Lack reliable internet access, or even access to the internet at all.

Create wonder
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49% of World

is not connected to

the internet's

wealth of knowledge

and opportunity.

Our Programs

 We build technology and partnerships to help new users, offline communities and students get connected in 2022
– regardless of income or location.  


Our programs bring resources to communities in need. From learning and discovery resources delivered to offline kids via USB (Endless Key), to our efforts to make laptops more accessible and affordable (Endless Laptop), to an operating system designed specifically for offline communities and those with unstable internet access (Endless OS).

Our Initiatives


Endless Key content partner.

Who We Are

Endless was born in 2012 with a mission to help people around the world gain access to knowledge and opportunity through technology.  After working with partners all over the world, we realized the barriers are too big to overcome by ourselves.  We created the Endless OS Foundation in April 2020 so that we could dedicate all of our resources and work across for-profit and non-profit partners to bring our solutions to as many people as possible.

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Endless Updates

Our monthly newsletter includes new, useful and exciting upcoming features on Endless OS & the Endless Key. We also offer offline learning resources & tools to use inside and outside of the classroom. Join today!


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