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People + Technology for Good

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Our mission is to help all people and communities
connect with technology.

We believe that access to personal computing is critical for productivity, learning and job skills.
We have dedicated the last 10 years to designing and delivering an operating system and tools that give people access to, and control over their technology.

With our tools for productivity, creativity, and learning through play and discovery, we help people of all backgrounds engage in the digital economy on more meaningful terms.

7.8 Billion

People in the world

in 2022

1.5 Billion

Personal computer users in the world = limited access to knowledge and opportunity

3.5 Billion

Smart phone users in the world

rely on small screen access

12-15 Million

Students in the USA alone do not 

have adequate internet or devices for effective distance learning

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Solutions designed for better computer access.

 We build technology and partnerships to help new users, offline communities and students get connected in 2022
– regardless of income or location.  

Our programs bring resources to communities in need. From learning and discovery resources delivered to offline kids via USB (Endless Key), to our efforts to make laptops more accessible and affordable (Endless Laptop), to an operating system designed specifically for offline communities and those with unstable internet access (Endless OS).

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Endless helps people take control of their technology.


We help people take control

of their technology.

Endless OS builds digital skills and confidence with apps, games and content for safe autonomous learning. 


Hack Clubhouse, a featured app included with Endless OS, helps kids learn to code and even hack their own device, building confidence, curiosity, and a sense of digital agency.

93% of Parents

feel computer science is a good use of school resources

31% of Consumers

shop online once a week

82% of Jobs

in the middle market require digital computer skills

4.5 Billion

hours are spent annually on

YouTube "how-to" queries

This is a great place to tell your story and give people more insight into who you are, what you do, and why it’s all about you.


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We're not changing the way technology works...
we are working to make it better.

We develop our tools to meet the needs of real users with diverse technical challenges to work with.

We design them with access, agency, and usability in mind. This approach allows us to create as much positive impact as possible for our communities.

 Endless OS was designed to make personal computers easier to use, safe, reliable and versatile. It is a open source personal computing platform fully equipped with essential apps, games and content to work, learn and play – even without internet connectivity.


49% of World

is not connected to the internet's

wealth of knowledge and opportunity

72% of Users

are more likely to stay on a site if it is available in their native language

750 Million

people cannot read or write

a basic sentence

55% of Americans

can't access basic security features on their personal devices

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Endless makes computers more useful for people.

Technology isn't one-size-fits-all: but when it fits, it makes a measurable difference.


We believe that all digital users 

deserve access that is relevant and impactful to their circumstances.


Who We Are

Endless OS was born in 2012, with a mission to help people around the world gain access to knowledge and opportunity through technology.

After working with partners all over the world, we realized the barriers are too big to overcome by ourselves.  We created the Endless OS Foundation in April 2020 so that we could dedicate all of our resources and work across for-profit and non-profit partners to bring our solutions to as many people as possible.