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About Us

Empowerment Through Learning & Agency

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Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to empower learners globally by enhancing accessibility to education. We achieve this through a holistic approach that includes providing learners with essential tools: a device, a  user-friendly operating system, and a rich array of educational resourcesOur vision is to create a world where individuals from all backgrounds can effortlessly access high-quality education, enabling them to proactively shape their learning journeys and acquire future-ready skills.

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Our Story

In 2012, Endless embarked on a mission to leverage technology for the global betterment, aiming to provide people worldwide with access to knowledge and opportunities. The pandemic prompted a strategic reassessment, leading to the creation of the Endless OS Foundation—a nonprofit extension of Endless focused on expanding our solutions.

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We continued building solutions. Endless Key and Endless Laptop were conceived with the aim of providing affordable and accessible options to technology and education. The overarching goal was to ensure that individuals facing internet constraints could benefit from equitable solutions.



600 Computer Labs


 1.7 MillionEndless OS downloads


Over 60 Partnerships

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Meet Our Founder

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Matt Dalio

Founder at Endless. Providing equal opportunity to succeed in the digital world through device access, offline internet, and learning games.

Our Solutions

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An Affordable Laptop Program for Learning and Beyond


A Completely Free, User-Friendly Operating System.

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Bring Equity into your Classroom, Curated Learning, Anywhere, Anytime.

Meet Our Amazing Team!

Our strength lies in our diversity, representing a blend of backgrounds and expertise. As a globally distributed team working asynchronously, we weave together unique perspectives and cultural influences toward a common goal—bridging the digital divide!

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