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Endless OS

A Completely Free, User-Friendly Operating System Packed with Educational Tools, Games, and More.

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Endless OS is free, and available to all.

The nonprofit Endless OS Foundation is dedicated to tackling the digital divide. Providing our operating system for free makes technology more affordable for everyone, particularly those in economically disadvantaged regions, by lowering the cost of computer setup and maintenance. It’s also a great choice for re-purposing existing hardware for free, saving the cost of purchasing a new OS or device.

Easy to download

Endless OS is easy to set up! With a simple click, you can effortlessly access the operating system and enjoy its user-friendly installation process.

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User-friendly, offline and multilingual.

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Offline access


Multitask view

Anyone can use Endless OS. It’s simple and easy to use like a mobile phone while enabling real, powerful computing.

No Wi-Fi, no problem! The included apps and resources work without an Internet connection, and Endless OS is designed to respect limited or metered data plans.

Endless OS is available in different languages and meets you where you are.

Unlock true productivity with native apps, multiple workspaces, intuitive multi-touch gestures, and powerful keyboard shortcuts. Organize your work, creativity, and games in a way that works for you.


Pre-loaded with work tools, creativity tools, and games for learning.

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Open-Source resources, tools, and apps

Office productivity with LibreOffice

Creativity tools

Games for learning

Endless OS comes pre-loaded with Open-Source resources, tools, and softwares, so users can start exploring straight away.

LibreOffice  is included with Endless OS to cover your work and school needs: documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. 

Endless OS is packed with creativity tools like GIMP for photo editing, Inkscape for vector art, Blender for 3D modeling, Audacity for audio recording and editing, Godot for making games, and more. 

You and your kids can have fun while sneakily learning math, logic, computer skills, and coding with the included games. 


Educational Tools

Our OS includes Endless Key, a free app that includes 1000’s of curated educational resources, games, e-books, and videos. 

Equity in the classroom
  • Why should I choose Endless Key?
    Endless Key offers equitable, free, and safe learning resources that are accessible online and offline. This makes it available for anyone, anywhere!
  • Why is Endless Key free?
    Endless OS Foundation is a non-profit, with a mission to bridge the digital divide. Endless Key is one step closer to bringing safe and accessible learning materials to those who are disconnected. By making it free, we make it more accessible to all.
  • Who benefits from Endless Key?
    Learners from grade 5 to grade 9.
  • Does the content come in different languages?
    Yes, Endless Key has both English and Spanish content inside.
  • How does Endless Key protect student privacy?
    Students do not need to create an account to use Endless Key. We do not collect names or other personal information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help with Endless OS

We provide support to all users. Leave your questions with us.

Thanks for reaching out, you will here from us shortly.

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