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Endless OS

A Completely Free, User-Friendly Operating System Packed with Educational Tools, Games, and More.

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Endless OS is free, and available to all.

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The nonprofit Endless OS Foundation is dedicated to tackling the digital divide. Providing our operating system for free makes technology more affordable for everyone, particularly those in economically disadvantaged regions, by lowering the cost of computer setup and maintenance. It’s also a great choice for re-purposing existing hardware for free, saving the cost of purchasing a new OS or device.

Easy to download

Endless OS is easy to set up! With a simple click, you can effortlessly access the operating system and enjoy its user-friendly installation process.

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User-friendly, offline and multilingual.

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Offline access


Multitask view

Anyone can use Endless OS. It’s simple and easy to use like a mobile phone while enabling real, powerful computing.