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Key updates

  — the latest on our Endless Key project

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Q4 2021: Endless Keys distributed through San Francisco 49ers EDU

Endless OS Foundation is working with 49ers EDU – a direct program of the San Francisco 49ers Foundation – to distribute 100 Endless Keys to students in the San Francisco Bay Area.

These Keys will include the 49ers EDU Digital Playbook, a collection of STEAM education lessons that are taught both in-person and virtually by 49ers EDU staff educators. 

49ers EDU lessons use the game of football to teach topics like physics, engineering, geometry, reading comprehension, and more. Lessons have been adapted to fit Endless Key’s interactive, digital format.

Read the press release about our Key partnership.
See local news coverage in the Bay Area.

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Q4 2021: Endless Keys distributed in 5 states via Techbridge Girls

Pre-loaded with valuable learning resources for students.

The Endless OS Foundation is partnering with Techbridge Girls (TBG) to distribute 100 Endless Keys to 3rd through 8th grade students in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Missouri and Florida.

The Keys will be distributed to students via such organizations as schools, YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, and a public library.

This distribution of Keys will provide much-needed feedback from educators in the field regarding the Key's impact on students still experiencing digital insecurities and offline environments at school and home.

Read the full update on our TBG partnership on our blog here.

The Endless Key is a specially designed 128-gigabyte usb for students offline with unstable or no internet access to be used as an offline learning and discovery resource.

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Who We Are

Endless OS was born in 2012, with a mission to help people around the world gain access to knowledge and opportunity through technology.

After working with partners all over the world, we realized the barriers are too big to overcome by ourselves.  We created the Endless OS Foundation in April 2020 so that we could dedicate all of our resources and work across for-profit and non-profit partners to bring our solutions to as many people as possible.


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