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Quick Installer for Windows

We have developed a simple installation utility that allows anyone with a Windows PC to easily evaluate and install Endless OS.


Click the button below to download the Endless OS Installer for Windows.


When running this app, you can choose to:

  1. Create an Endless USB Stick where you can try Endless OS and optionally install it on your PC, replacing your current operating system.

  2. Install and use Endless OS alongside Windows


Endless OS

Fast, powerful, friendly Operating System.

Comes preloaded with content and essential tools so you have all you need, even when there's no internet access.

For further assistance, browse our Installation documentation, Support Site, or reach out to the Endless OS Community.

Advanced download options

Endless OS direct ISO download

Create an Endless USB Stick by directly downloading the ISO image and creating your own installation media.

Endless OS for Virtual Machines

Run Endless OS inside your existing Windows, Mac or Linux PC using a Virtual Machine.

Endless OS for ARM  platforms

Endless OS also runs on several ARM Single Board Computers such as Raspberry Pi 4.

Advancedd options
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