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TED-Ed Content Review - The Endless Key

Updated: May 14, 2023

A deep dive into the TED-Ed content on the new Endless Key app!

The Endless Key app

Have you ever wondered if the ocean will ever run out of fish? Or how Thor got his hammer? Or why ketchup is so hard to pour? A curious learner is a learner who seeks out answers to serious (and not so serious) questions. Curiosity encourages the exploration of new ideas, and research tells us that it is equally as important as traits like intelligence and conscientiousness when it comes to doing well in school (source).

The Endless Key works with content partners to highlight a variety of resources that inspire learners to act on their curiosity. One of these partners is TED-Ed, the youth and education initiative of the TED organization. TED-Ed sparks curiosity through award-winning animated videos they produce across multiple content and interest areas.


Let’s think about a student like Cora, who is taking a class in nutrition at her local high school. She signed up for the class because it meets the science requirement and she is interested in learning more about healthy eating. The course covers caloric requirements, food chemistry, and the science of digestion, but she wants to learn more. She goes home and searches the Endless Key for content related to nutrition, and finds a TED-Ed video called “Have you ever wondered how sugar affects your brain?” At school the next day, Cora is able to start a conversation with her teacher and classmates about the role of sugar in the body.

Ted-Ed Content on the Endless Key app


Then there’s Moses. He is a middle school student and aspiring veterinarian who has a passion for animals. He volunteers at the local animal shelter, but he can’t have a pet because his sister has severe allergies. He uses the Endless Key to look up information about animals, and finds videos like “Why do cats act so weird?” and “How do dogs ‘see’ with their noses?” He enjoys challenging himself by taking the quizzes at the end of each video, and he loves to share what he has learned about animals when the family sits down to eat dinner together.

Ted-Ed Content on the Endless Key app


Kaycee is a fourth grader who plays games on her laptop every day after she gets home from school. Her older brother, who is studying to become a software engineer, has introduced her to a few coding games that he thinks she would be good at. She is browsing the Endless Key one afternoon and finds a series of videos called “Think Like a Coder.” Before she knows it, she is halfway through the third episode when her brother gets home from his college class. She is excited to show him what she has learned about variables and conditional statements.

Ted-Ed Content on the Endless Key app

Humans are innately curious (source). Asking questions like “why?” and “how?” is foundational to the human experience. Learners need resources that can support their curiosity and promote self-guided and interest-driven learning. The Endless Key is full of resources from partners like TED-Ed that can activate curiosity and inspire learners to discover new ideas, skills, and knowledge.

Learn more about the Endless Key App

The Endless Key App is equitable, flexible & accessible! Equity is the meaning behind the Key, which is why we have made it as accessible as possible! If you have a Chromebook, you can download it directly through the Google Play Store for free. If you have a Windows computer, you can download it on the Microsoft Store for free. We also provide physical USB's for those without an internet connection.

Download the Endless Key App on the Google Play Store for free.

Download the Endless Key App on the Microsoft Store for free.


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