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The Endless Key app, a path to equity in education in 2023

Unlocking safe, curated learning opportunities for all learners, for free.

Endless Key Content

Our Mission

Endless OS Foundation exists to democratize access to technology to create opportunity for historically under-served and under-resourced populations around the world.

We want to enable people to harness the power of computing everywhere, in a safe, curated, and fun manner. Connecting the next billion people with technology & information through safe and equitable easy to access free learning tools. We want all learners to have access to safe, curiosity-based learning experiences, regardless of their connectivity status.

Endless Key Team

The Digital Divide

Roughly half of the world’s population does not have reliable access to the internet or computing devices other than a phone. In addition, the global population is expected to grow by roughly 2 billion by the year 2050, largely in developing nations in the Global South. That’s a lot of digital inclusion to not only currently address, but also plan for in future.

Some developed nations are trying to solve and plan for the growing Digital Divide. In the United States alone, there are roughly 16 million K–12 students living with unstable internet access or no access at all. That’s a student population larger than all of Los Angeles County.

The Endless Key is one way we are attacking the digital divide for students, teachers, and families. The Endless Key is a solution specially created for these students and families as a free, accessible offline resource for self guided learning.


What is the Endless Key app?

An infinite stream of discovery, inspiration, empowerment, and learning awaits you with the Endless Key App!

Designed for all learners, and accessible to those with no or limited internet, the Endless Key lets you explore at your own pace, expand on your classroom lessons, and push your knowledge to new heights.

Learners can explore dozens of educational resources that are thoughtfully curated to provide extended learning, academic enrichment, and interest-based options like coding, arts & crafts, cooking, and career exploration. The Endless Key app provides a robust, engaging and safely curated digital learning experience. Either accessed via our USB drive on Windows, or via our offline app on Chromebooks and Windows devices. Once downloaded, the app works offline, with no internet required! The app is free to download. To learn more, visit our website

Equitable, Flexible and Accessible!

The Endless Key App is equitable, flexible & accessible! Equity is the meaning behind the Key, which is why we have made it as accessible as possible! If you have a Chromebook, you can download it directly through the Google Play Store for free. If you have a Windows computer, you can download it on the Microsoft Store for free. We also provide physical USB's for those without an internet connection.

Download the Endless Key app on the Google Play Store for free.

Download the Endless Key app on the Microsoft Store for free.


Our bi-monthly newsletter includes new, useful and exciting upcoming features on Endless OS & the Endless Key. We also offer offline learning resources & tools to use inside and outside of the classroom. Join today!

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