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Bett UK 2023

The Endless Key

The Endless Key

We believe that access to personal computing is critical for productivity, learning and job skills.

An infinite stream of discovery, inspiration, empowerment, and learning awaits you with the Endless Key App!


Designed for all learners, and accessible to those with no or limited internet, the Endless Key lets you explore at your own pace, expand on your classroom lessons, and push your knowledge to new heights. 

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You have won a physical Endless Key! Please come back to the booth to claim your prize!

Try it out!

Download the Endless Key app for your Chromebook or Windows computer

With the Endless Key app you have access to a library of first class educational content. Curated content collections can be downloaded to study without broadband. You can also use the apps together with an Endless Key USB storage device - no internet required.  Read the Endless Key privacy policy here.





Learn more about the Endless Key

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And more...

World-class Content partners

Our content is provided and curated by world leaders in education such as Ted-Ed, Khan Academy, PBS Kids, and much more.

Your feedback matters!

Have you downloaded the Endless Key? If so, your feedback can shape the future for the Endless Key. If you could spare 5 minutes to fill out this short form describing your experience with the Endless Key app.

Our Educator Focused Newsletter

Are you an Educator? Administrator? or Learner? If so, our educator-focused newsletter would be beneficial to you! On a bi-monthly basis, we send out new updates on the Endless Key app. Join today!

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